Com motivo da minha participação na VIII MOSTRA PORTUGUESA em Madrid, deixo-vos com a  entrevista que me foi feita para o Magazine Europa Contacto da RTP Internacional. Espero que gostem. (Os meus agradecimentos à jornalista Maria João Araújo e ao repórter de imagem José António Olivares)
Here´s an interview (in Portuguese...) done for Europa Contacto Magazine of RTP International TV channel, featuring my latest exhibition at the VIII MOSTRA PORTUGUESA in Madrid, amongst other things. (My special thanks to journalist Maria João Araújo and image reporter José António Olivares)


Maria said...

Nice coverage! Too bad I didn't understand a lot of what was said. But nice images and context. :)

Richard Câmara said...

Thank you Maria, for making always some time to visit my blog and share your comments :)
And we definitely have to start working on your Portuguese...
Até logo! (="see you"!)